Breaks & Fills for the Drums (Android)

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Breaks & Fills for the Drums (Android)
Author: Andy Bailey
Contents: Multimedia pack for Android
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The purpose of this method is to make you discover, practise and above all actually play breaks and fills on the drum set, whose role is to link the part of a tune with another. As important to master as the drumbeats they “break”, these drum parts can be longer or shorter depending on the role they play. The fills demonstrated in this method are organised according to their length (1 beat, 2 beat or 1 bar) in 6 chapters. In each chapter, technical exercises will give you the opportunity to warm up and prepare to play the beats and fills in a real musical environment with the support of numerous play-along tracks. Each tune is accompanied by 5 different audio-recordings, organised as follows: the drums, at normal and slow tempo, the same drum part played with music and finally the play-along tracks, once again at normal and slow tempo... to allow everyone to learn at their own pace, according to their level and commitment. Enjoy more than 6 hours of music!

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Breaks & Fills for the Drums
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Breaks & Fills for the Drums (iPad)

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