Drum Beats & Breaks in 3D (pdf + mp3 + videos)

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Drum Beats & Breaks in 3D (pdf + mp3 + videos)
Author: Sonny Jones
Contents: PDF document + MP3 & MP4 files
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This method presents a large number of drum beats along with as many corresponding breaks. They all come from the repertoire of the greatest drummers from the present and the past. In other words, reference grooves! This method is of course primarily intended for the drummers, who will find an endless source of exciting rhythms to incorporate into their own playing. Other musicians will find here a worthwhile support in programming their drum machines or sequencers. The many rhythms presented here are grouped and sorted by style: Rock & Metal, Blues & Shuffle, Jazz, and Latin (Samba, Bossa Nova, etc...). Lastly, the videos demonstrate all the beats and breaks featured in this method, while the audio-recordings will allow you to put them into practice with various play-along tracks.

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Drum Beats & Breaks in 3D
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