Guitar Training Session - Heavy Metal Solos & Improvisation (iPad)

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Guitar Training Session - Heavy Metal Solos & Improvisation (iPad)
Author: D. Johnson & J. Fredd
Contents: Multimedia pack for iPad
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Size : 55.77 Mo
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By offering you the possibility to practice heavy metal improvisations, this coursebook teaches you how to solo in this particular style, letting you perform in a musical environment which simulates actual group situations. The enclosed CD contains 12 complete backing tracks (drums, bass & guitar) to which, as a beginning and intermediate guitarist, you can learn to play the numerous solos proposed in this coursebook contextually appropriately and, as an advanced intermediate or advanced guitarist, you will be able to play personal versions freely in many different metal styles. Thus, while some of you will simply discover the pleasure of playing superb heavy metal solos, others will use the ideas presented in this coursebook to further their personal style and improvisational skills. The songs in this coursebook feature varying difficulties and cover diverse metal directions, such as Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Trash Metal... Armed with this level of knowledge, you are fully prepared to meet all foreseeable future challenges.

Since you are dealing here with the iPad version of the tutorial, the book and the CD have been replaced by a tablet-optimized multimedia pack containing musical sheets, texts and audios.

Original physical version and its potential derivatives:

Guitar Training Session - Heavy Metal Solos & Improvisation
Guitar Training Session - Heavy Metal Solos & Improvisation (pdf + mp3)
Guitar Training Session - Heavy Metal Solos & Improvisation (Android)

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