Slow Rock & Ballad Grooves

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Slow Rock & Ballad Grooves
Author: How 2 Play Drums
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This comprehensive assortment of slow drum grooves covers everything from slow pop to rock ballads, following the style of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Scorpions, U2, Coldplay, and many more. These slow rhythms ought to be played very delicately, or rather “tactfully”! The straight eighth note lines on the ride cymbal and hi-hat should be played in a fairly soft and supple manner in order to subtly underline the beat. The whole is rounded up by ghost notes played on the snare drum and/or by so-called rim clicks/side sticks. This course places ten slow rock and ballad drum grooves and the appropriate breaks with their corresponding recordings at your disposal along with just as many “made-to-measure” backing tracks that you can use to play along to – as though you were in a band!

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