Djembe Solos (Android)

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Djembe Solos (Android)
Author: Séga Sidibé
Contents: Multimedia pack for Android
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Séga Sidibé is one of the last masters garanteeing the malian djembe tradition. He reveals here a large number of solo phrases, variations, rolls, chauffes and resolutions for the rhythms Suku, Denba foli and Dansa, considered by the elders as being founding rhythms. The authors propose a learning method in 6 steps along with many approaches to help you develop your own personal expression beyond simply reciting. In this book, you will find scores in both conventional and simplified notations, foundation exercises and a recording of all phrases followed by accompaniment bars allowing you to practice them, a free solo example for each rhythm and long play-along tracks at slow, medium and fast tempos.

Original physical version and its potential derivatives:

Djembe Solos
Djembe Solos (pdf + mp3)
Djembe Solos (iPad)

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