Hybrid Picking

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Hybrid Picking
Author: How 2 Play Guitar
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This playing technique, which is now used in every musical style, allows you to combine finger-picking (mostly the middle finger) and flat-picking (using a plectrum) with the right hand. This technique has a positive effect on the sound, which alternates between the fullness of plectrum-style and the softness and smoothness of finger-style playing. The harmonic spectrum it allows you to cover is noteworthy and the technical possibilities it discloses to you are numerous – string skipping would be just one example. The plectrum-strokes, which are generally performed downwards, are represented here by the symbol “T”, for thumb. This course offers you a video demonstration of this technique, 3 technical exercises with the corresponding recordings, as well as 7 licks to be played along to as many different backing tracks.

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