Scales for the Guitar in 3D (Android)

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Scales for the Guitar in 3D (Android)

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Author: Scott Allen
Contents: Multimedia pack for Android
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No more trouble with whole- and half-tone calculations, no more bother with scale transpositions and visualizations either! This coursebook provides fretboard diagrams (24 frets) for every existing scale (be it major, minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, blues, melodic minor, harmonic minor, exotic or symmetric) and what’s more, for every existing key. It also provides sample chords over which these scales (solos, improvisations or riffs) may be played and brief instructions for their use. The DVD attached to the coursebook makes learning even easier. It shows you all the positions of the different scales and the essential points of reference in the 12 keys. The above-average backing tracks provided on the CD give you the opportunity to put the newly-learned scales into practice – in every key and in every musical style(!)

Since you are dealing here with the Android version of the tutorial, the book, the CD and the DVD have been replaced by a tablet-optimized multimedia pack containing musical sheets, texts, audios and videos.

Original physical version and its potential derivatives:

Scales for the Guitar in 3D
Scales for the Guitar in 3D (pdf + mp3 + videos)
Scales for the Guitar in 3D (iPad)

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