Assortment of Solo Jazz Piano Pieces (pdf + videos)

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Assortment of Solo Jazz Piano Pieces (pdf + videos)
Author: Roger Thompson
Contents: PDF document + MP4 files
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This assortment solely comprises solo jazz piano pieces. Here the objective is not to play with a complete band, but to learn how to bravely hold the fort alone – and that in a musical style which best suits soloing, namely jazz. The assortment includes a number of particularly original musical pieces, veritable etudes, which will give you the opportunity to study the harmonies, rhythms and tone colors typifying jazz and its numerous variants such as swing, bebop, bossa nova, blue jazz or ragtime. You may rest assured that here you will find something for all tastes and ages! Here you are taught which fingering is best suited to a specific playing situation. In so doing, you learn how to perform the many musical pieces that are part of this assortment in a technically flawless manner. The videos pertaining to this tutorial give you the possibility to carefully observe the jazz piano pieces treated therein, but above all they give you the possibility to discover what their exact performance style should be.

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Assortment of Solo Jazz Piano Pieces
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