Multimedia bass guitar tutorial

Downloadable multimedia bass tutorials

How2Play multimedia bass guitar tutorials consist of a PDF document which not only comprises the bass score, but also all the corresponding audio and video recordings. Thus, by opening only one document, you can access all of a course’s materials. Downloadable tutorials that contain no idle talk, lots of music and backing tracks by the score, for learning to express yourself appropriately to context(!)

To take full advantage of all the multimedia capabilities proposed, these bass tutorials must imperatively be opened with the (free) Adobe Reader software (vers.10 or higher) on your Mac or PC.

Please feel free to download our free demonstration tutorial here below; it shows selected examples that will help you get an idea of the whole.

Free Bass Demonstration Course

Free Bass Demonstration Course

Author: How 2 Play Bass
Contents: Multimedia PDF

This short and completely free demonstration course will offer you the opportunity to get a clear idea of what How2Play bass guitar lessons really are. Herein various course excerpts from altogether...

Here is a selection of multimedia bass guitar tutorials

Playing with the Rhythmic Figure
Barring/Bar Technique
Playing Sixteenth Notes
Popping Technique
Playing Major Scales
Slow Rock & Ballad Basslines
Playing Eighth Notes
Thumb Slapping Technique
Left Hand Slapping Technique
Two Finger Rest Stroke
Rock Basslines #1