50 Funk Grooves for the Bass

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50 Funk Grooves for the Bass
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Author: Bernie Cooper
Contents: 1 Book + 1 MP3 CD + 1 DVD
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This method features 50 funk grooves for all bass players willing to have fun while practicing their instrument for hours. To make the approach of these 50 funk grooves easier, a preliminary chapter is entirely dedicated to the playing techniques (plucking of course, but also slap, palm mute, ghost notes, shakes, double stops, pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides...) as well as to the style rhythmic specificities (straight and swung sixteenth notes, sixteenth rests, staccatos...). The DVD demonstrates all these grooves played «in situation» at the actual tempo, then slowly. The MP3 Audio CD allows you to play them over long play-along tracks (from 3 to 4 minutes each, meaning more than 6 hours of music in total!), at actual tempo as well as at slow tempo (two tracks per groove). Then you will be able to practice at your own pace and in the best conditions. An ideal method to play actual complete grooves in the style of the greatests: James Brown, The Meters, Bootsy Collins, Parliament, The Commodores, Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Maceo Parker, The Temptations...

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