120 Pentatonic Bass Lines

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120 Pentatonic Bass Lines

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Author: Bernie Cooper
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Knowing the pentatonic scales is one thing, knowing how to make the most of it is another story. And this is precisely what this method proposes to do, with its 120 100% pentatonic grooves, which will boost your creativity as well as your inspiration. The first part of this method is devoted to the minor pentatonic scale and its 5 positions. For each position, you will discover 10 different grooves, that is 50 grooves in total. A final series of 10 grooves, this time mixing the 5 positions, concludes this section. The second part of this method about the major pentatonic scale, follows exactly the same principle. On the CD attached to the method, you will find many audio and video files. The videos (mp4) demonstrate the 120 grooves as they should be played, at normal tempo first, then at slow tempo. The audio files (mp3) are play-along tracks corresponding to the different grooves, also at two different tempi. You can play these bass lines as they are or take the opportunity to develop your own ideas and create different bass lines in the same spirit.

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