50 Easy Bass Solos (iPad)

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50 Easy Bass Solos (iPad)
Author: Brad Tucker
Contents: Multimedia pack for iPad
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This method featuring 50 great bass solos, allows all the bass players to enjoy the experience of soloing in a band for a moment, an ever growing aspiration among bassists of all levels... To offer a wide and exciting range, these solos are very varied in regard to keys, nature (major or minor), feeling (straight or swung), density or phrasing richness. Lastly, a preliminary chapter briefly introduces the tools you need to know (scales and playing effects) to understand the 50 solos featured in this method, to develop and enrich them and even to create your own solos thereafter! The videos allow you to hear and most importantly to see these 50 solos in detail, at normal then at slow tempo, giving you the opportunity to observe the right movements, use the right fingering and play in rhythm! The audio-recordings are composed of as many backing tracks as there are solos, that is 50 tracks featuring 2 different tempos: the “objective” tempo (normal) and the practice tempo (slow). The duration of these tracks is voluntarily long (4 to 5 minutes each, meaning more than 7 hours of music in total!), in order to let you practise in the best possible conditions.

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